ASDA Framework

Client: Asda

Programme: 12 months

Value: £2.2m

This National Framework encompasses 3 different elements.


Toilet Refurbishment -

Refurbishment of existing ASDA toilets incorporating full strip out followed by installation of new walls, ceilings, vinyl flooring, IPS, toilets, sinks and vanity units. 


Tier 2  -

Roof Works –  Installation of new roofing as and when required.

Car Park Works – Upgrading of lighting to car parks and the installation of “Click and Collects”

Warehouse Works – Installation of new racking and stripping out of bakeries and meat counters in readiness for new tenants such as PANKU and Greggs.



Allerthorpe Business Park
York Road
York YO42 1NS
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email: [email protected]
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